Fear of Flying

I was never afraid to fly before getting labyrinthitis. Now that I’m living with a damaged balance system, I am uncomfortable while in any moving vehicle, so I have a fear of flying. I had to cancel 2 flights after getting sick in 2014, and I have not flown since.

I’m planning to tackle my fear next week, and I have to admit I am TERRIFIED. As the day approaches, I’m feeling more anxious. But I refuse to be a slave to this fear any longer. There was a time when riding the SeaBus was terrifying for me, and I’m glad that is now in the past. I’ve only told a handful of people about my plans to face my fear of flying. I have no real plans other than my flights, and my hotel booking. Worst case scenario, I’ll have Ativan to calm myself, and I’ll rest in the hotel.

UPDATE: I ended up getting sick with the flu several days before my planned trip, and had to cancel my plans. Being sick makes my balance worse, and I’d like my health to be uncompromised when I tackle this fear.

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