My new normal

I’m getting used to what I’m able to handle with a compromised balance system. While I am better at listening to my body, I am still sometimes caught off guard by my new normal (like today). I had an epic day yesterday; I did laundry, then I went downtown to meet a friend. We had lunch, went shopping, then ventured to Granville Island. It was a great day spent with a great friend, but I overdid it, so I’m paying for it. I feel hungover. I’m moving more slowly because I’m extra wobbly, so I’m taking it easy today. I’ve already overtaxed my brain today by doing complicated tasks. No more heavy lifting for my brain today with this brain fog.

I used to get down when I felt this horrible. Yes, I’d rather I didn’t feel like crap, but this is part of what it’s like living with a balance disorder. I will rearrange my chores and to do list so I can tackle them at a later date, because this is my new normal.

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