Overstimulation Hangovers

I suffer from what I call overstimulation hangovers after I’ve done an activity a little too stimulating for this version of myself. I feel like I’m hungover, but since I do not drink, it is from stimulation, not alcohol. That is how I feel today. I went to a cooking class after work last night. I had originally booked the class last year, but once I got labyrinthitis, I had to cancel it. I finally rebooked the class, and it was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed myself, but when I woke up this morning, I did not feel well. I had a headache, and generally felt hungover. I’m lucky I thought to ask my boss to come into work later today, but it was still tough after my late start. I hope one day these overstimulation hangovers will be a thing of the past, but for now they’re part of my reality.

Overstimulation hangovers are one of the reasons I do not see friends as often as I used to. I cannot handle the activity level. It is important for me to go for nature walks before work, and several times during the week. Nature, you are my therapy.

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