Balance Awareness Week

My computer has decided to be a jerk, so I’ve shut it down, and put it in a time-out. This is going to be short since I’m typing it on my phone. This week is Balance Awareness week, and today marks a year since I became ill with labyrinthitis. What a year it has been. I’d say it has been my toughest year so far, but I have come a long way. I had hoped to have more on my website by now, but for me, part of living with a balance disorder is dealing with fatigue. I simply do not have the ability to do as much as I did before I got labyrinthitis. So, further updates will come as I have the energy to get to them. Please visit the Vestibular Disorders Association website for more information on Balance Awareness week, and on vestibular disorders. Their site has been extremely useful to me over the past year.

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